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Unit 484 is affiliated with the American Contract Bridge League (ACBLacbl logo small) which fosters the game of bridge throughout North America.  We are a member of District 20 (D-20 ), one of 23 North American districts under the auspices of ACBL.  Unit 484 is a non-profit organization in Jackson County located in Southern Oregon.  The bridge clubs in our unit run ACBL sanctioned games available for players of all levels in competitive yet friendly and nurturing environments.
Bridge games within Unit 484 are located in the Rogue Valley—home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Britt Festival
We have several clubs offering games, excellent bridge instructors, games for players of varying levels and a bridge community of vibrant, interesting players whose goals are to have fun,make friends, improve their bridge, and to bid and make all their slams!


Medford Fall Sectional -- Oct. 3-4-5

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Meet Your Fellow Unit 484 Players

 Profiles of Rogue Players will appear here on the home page from time to time, then moved to the archives (click on About Us, then Unit 484) where you can read about other local players.



Chris Bell one of several Rogue Valley transplants from Orange County area

By Jim Flint

Aug. 22, 2014—Chris Bell learned to play bridge when he was a student more than 50 years ago at Hobart College in the Finger Lakes area of New York State.

But it was in 1985 when one of his lunch-time bridge buddies suggested they try their luck in a club game that he was won over to duplicate.

“After that I was hooked.”  It took him about eight years to reach Life Master status, he said.

Bell, 73, lives in Medford with his wife of 50 years, Margaret. They have one son, a farm manager, who lives in New South Wales, Australia.

Bell started out playing Standard American, as most of his generation did. Now his preferred system is 2/1 game force. But if pressed, he said, he can play the strong club system.

He played a lot of duplicate at the Santa Ana club in California. It was there he met and played with Bob Serrett and Sharon Fauss, who both also moved to the Rogue Valley and who continue to play regularly with Bell.

He played sectionals and regionals in California and went to his first national in Washington D.C. in 1993.

“It was an awesome experience, playing all those brainy people,” he said.

He continues to play sectionals and regionals in the area, but doesn’t venture far for tournaments these days, especially during inclement weather.

“I played in the 2004 NABC in Reno and the weather report was rosier than it should have been,” he recalled. “The snow was a foot deep in places and I was almost late for my team game.” He said the look on his partner’s face wasn’t pretty.

The best thing about bridge, he said, is the company. “I enjoy the people very much.”

His favorite bridge convention is Puppet Stayman over 1 no trump. “It’s really a useful tool.”

He has a lot of fond memories of bridge over the years. He’ll never forget the time he played the D.C. NABC when he saw a young guy walking down the corridor in the hotel, stopping now and then to look into the mirrored wall.

“He was having these mini conversations with himself. I caught up with him and asked him if he was okay. ‘No,’ he said. I asked how I could help. ‘You can’t,’ he said. ‘We just lost the Vanderbilt by one IMP and it was my fault!’”

Bell grew up in Colorado, moved to California in the 1960s, moved to New York to get his degree in sociology, and then moved back to California where he worked as an investigator for the courts then ran some other divisions for the county.

He moved to the Sierra foothills and taught college classes for about 10 years, finally retiring to the Rogue Valley.



             Congratulations to our new Life Masters!

Andrea Shapiro, Edward Goldman, David Runkel, Neal Smith


2014 Unit 484 Board of Directors:

Terry Ansnes                                   2014 - 2015
David Bryant   2014 - 2015
Sharon Fauss President 2014 - 2015
Harley King   2014
David McKee              2014
Michael Pavlik Secretary/Treasurer  2014 - 2015
Vicki Williams Vice-President 2014
Bob Wolcott   2014


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