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Unit 484 is affiliated with the American Contract Bridge League (ACBLacbl logo small) which fosters the game of bridge throughout North America.  We are a member of District 20 (D-20 ), one of 23 North American districts under the auspices of ACBL.  Unit 484 is a non-profit organization in Jackson County located in Southern Oregon.  The bridge clubs in our unit run ACBL sanctioned games available for players of all levels in competitive yet friendly and nurturing environments.
Bridge games within Unit 484 are located in the Rogue Valley—home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Britt Festival
We have several clubs offering games, excellent bridge instructors, games for players of varying levels and a bridge community of vibrant, interesting players whose goals are to have fun,make friends, improve their bridge, and to bid and make all their slams!

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Let's get acquainted with Andi Shapiro

andi copy 


She took up the game again after a 40-year hiatus

By Jim Flint



JAN. 17, 2015—Andrea Shapiro (Andi—she said she doesn’t have the time to add an “e”) had parents who played bridge and started playing herself in college.


But instead of flunking out, she earned a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology from Rutgers and a master’s degree in audiology from Columbia.


When she finished school, she quit playing bridge and didn’t start again until shortly before retirement, about five years ago.


In the interim? “Life interfered,” she explained.


Andi, 67, saw a notice in the paper and joined several locals in taking a bridge class from Bernadine Lacy, a Unit 484 club owner.


“That’s where I met a lot of the people I play bridge with now,” she said.


Lacy taught a big club system.


“I never learned 2/1 so there are big holes in my education.”


She explained that her approach to bridge was similar to how she navigated a sailboat.


“Steve (her husband) and I chartered a sailboat and planned on sailing it ourselves, just the two of us. He said, ‘How are we going to know where to go?’ And I told him, easy, just leave the harbor and turn left.”


She plays duplicate regularly at the Phoenix Bridge Center with a variety of partners.


“I love seeing everybody,” she said. “Just before retirement, I was looking for an outside activity where I could meet people, have some social interaction.” She found it in bridge.


She’s played a few tournaments—a couple in Seaside, one in Eugene, and most of the local ones—but mainly plays club games.


She loves all the gadgets she’s learned. But there is one frustrating aspect:


“Wanting to be a better player and not being able to do it right away.”


She was born in the Bronx and grew up in Westchester County, New York. After university, she joined the faculty at the New Jersey Medical School, a graduate medical school of Rutgers University.


She had married while in college and when she became divorced, she moved to Chicago and carved out a career in medical sales, for better money. “I liked to eat, and my time was more flexible,” she said.


She met Steve in Chicago on a blind date. He was there for a short while, but stayed long enough to convince her to go back to the Rogue Valley with him. That was in 1989.


She continued working in sales, but the size of her territory—from San Diego to Alaska—was taking its toll. That’s when Steve suggested a career change.


When they built a home in Ashland, it was Andi who pretty much built the house.


“He said, ‘You did a good job on the house. Why don’t you become a general contractor?’”


She did, and built homes for about 20 years before retiring.


She has two children, Steve has two from a previous marriage, and they have four grandchildren.


Another of her passions is photography.


When she was about to retire, they started doing some traveling and taking a camera along was the natural thing to do.


“I was just doing the average travel photography, but discovered I had an eye for it,” she said.


Since then she has invested in several quality cameras and lenses, and has taken classes in how to use Adobe’s Lightroom, a software program that provides tools to organize, edit, and enhance images.


You know she’s got the gift when you hear the oohs and aahs from her bridge friends and partners as she shares her photos.







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